Thursday, 10 October 2013

Any Ideas?

I'm sure we all have different ways of coming up with that small seed of an idea that we can then nurture and turn into a novel or short story.

Just to show how varied (and random) my thought processes are, this is where the original ideas came from for my recently published short story collection, Who Will I Be Today?
I say "original" because some of the stories evolved in rather different directions once I began to write them.

Who Will I Be Today? – This all stemmed from the times I've lain awake in the early hours of the morning worrying about something that, in the cold light of day, always proves to be trivial.

Billy Draper’s Dream – The main character in this story appeared in my first ever published short story, The Boxer, back in the late 90s.  The idea to write him into another story came from a friend who said she would to know what happened to him after the end of the first story.

The Door – We were on holiday, in Florida, in a small motel-like room.  My bed was very close to the door and I remember lying there with the door virtually filling my vision.  The image stayed with me and the story grew from there.

Morning Deliveries – With this one a lonely old man and his cat popped into my head one day and refused to leave until I'd given them a voice.

Mule – For some reason I was thinking about the old PC space game Elite.  Mule was the by product of that random musing.

Butterfly – I was going through a spell of wanting a twist in the tale ending for all of my stories (a bit daft, i know) and I'd got this notion of domestic abuse running around my head.

Playing God – A simple "what if" scenario here relating to the (repeatedly mis-interpreted) 2012 Mayan prophecy.

Specify and Classify – "There are beings out there watching us and they don’t like what they see."  This is the tag line of the story and is the premise I used to write it

The Final Tally – The start point of this story was a miner's tally from an old colliery.

ps To The Angels – Just a single word for this idea - haunting.

Railings – Another "what if" scenario.  This time it was, what if the past doesn't always stay there?

The Impassive Moon –The final idea came from two existing characters.  These were policemen who had appeared in my second novel, Darkest Corners of The Mind.  I decided that I wanted to develop one of the characters further, possibly writing a complete novel about him at one point.  For the time being though he'll have to content himself with appearing in this short story.

If this has wetted your appetite you can read the title story in its entirety on my website.

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