Friday, 2 May 2014

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

This was going to be my last ever blog post.

I'd read all the advice about having an on-line presence and how having a blog was one of the most important platforms a writer could have.
I'd also read how important it was to provide followers with content - blog, post, share etc regularly.  Give people what they want and keep them coming back.  Apparently, one of the biggest crimes in the on-line world is to set up a blog and then not keep it fresh and up to date.

That's where my problems began.  It's never been a case of not having time - my day job has drummed in effective time management.  No, my problem is more about having something to say.
I'm the sort of person who prefers to get on with it and not talk about it.
Added to that, I've never been a chatty or open  person, I hate talking about me and what I'm doing.  I'm a listener, not a talker; and, for a writer, that's not necessarily a bad thing.  I can easily spawn new characters from the people I watch and listen to.  When I do my talking it tends to be through the characters I create.
Any observations I make about the world in general tend to be short and pithy - suited to sites like Facebook and Twitter.  They also tend to be very tongue in cheek and are best taken with a healthy pinch of salt.

So, I decided, blogging isn't my thing and I was going to call it a day.

Then I read a lot of posts about people who were throwing in the towel as writers and pulling all their books from sale.
Some of these have strong valid reasons for calling it a day - and good luck to them.  For others though, it seems as if their indie author bubble has burst.  Writing a book is tough enough.  Marketing and promoting the damn thing is tens of times harder.  I get the impression that some people were under the impression that if they just wrote something, slapped a pretty cover on it and stuck it on Amazon then they would be an over night success.  It was a kind of "build it and they will come" approach.  The trouble is, everyone's "building it" and no-one's coming.

On a positive, though totally selfish, note, the more that drop out the less competition.  Those who stick it out will one day prevail - last man standing if you like.  Oh well, we can dream.

Anyway, not wishing to be thought of as having thrown in the towel this will not be my last ever blog post (stop moaning at the back).   I'm still around and still writing.  In fact, I've got two projects on the go where I've got plenty to say from behind the facade of my characters.  That way you'll never know if the views are mine or made up.
I will be back one day with updates on what I'm up to but, in the meantime - so long, and thanks for all the fish.


  1. I couldn't have put it better myself... everyone building and no one coming! Then, there are those who do free downloads. So, who is going to pay for a proper book when you can get hundreds of books free on Kindle?

    Glad you're still writing, though. Perseverance pays... in the end. Well, I live in hopes.

    As for blogs. I do a weekly one and plan in advance. Some days I look at my Stats and feel like throwing in the towel because I've had only 2 visitors and then other days I'm into three figures. Does it help sell books? I've no idea but getting known is the major hurdle today. Book sales come later.

    1. I'm with on the question of whether blogs help sell books - I have no idea. The thing is though, I had loads of traffic when I tweeted about this latest post. I may not have generated any sales but people are still taking the time to read my blog (and reply - thank you), so my name may stick in someone's mind and they may, one day, stumble across one of my books... The one sure thing is, we have to keep building - then add a big neon sign and offer free cookies.