Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Book is Dead - Long Live The Book

I'm reading the last book on my Kindle.  Fifty odd months after unwrapping my Christmas gift I'm on to my 131st ebook title.

For the nerds and anoraks out there, this has thrown up a few random facts (you can decide for yourself how interesting they are).

  • On my Kindle there are only 8 "top name authors" (about 20 books).
  • I only paid full price for 2 of these books.
  • About half of the 100+ books that are left are either self published or are from indie publishers.
  • I paid for about three quarters of these - and no, I didn't get the rest from pirate sites, they were on free promotions.

If I didn't own a Kindle I wouldn't have bought anywhere near as many books as I have - I can't afford that many print books.
This means that the best part of 50 authors wouldn't have got the few pence royalty payments for their work.  I know that doesn't sound like a lot but if you multiply a few pence by a few million Kindle owners then, hopefully, some indie writers are doing pretty well (better than me anyway).

I was probably like a lot of people when I got my Kindle.  I went on a buying spree to fill up the memory of the device.  I actually got nowhere near to doing that as I stopped buying new books sometime last year.  I was buying faster than I was reading and it would take me almost a year before I got onto the more recent purchases.

At the start of this year it was reported that the end of last year saw an upsurge in the sale of print books, a drop in the sale of e-readers and a collapse in the sale of ebooks.

  • Of course print books saw an increase in sales - it was Christmas.  You try wrapping an ebook.
  • E-reader sales fell because Amazon are product savvy and have evolved the Kindle into a tablet.
  • As for the collapse in e-books, it could be that, like me, many people just decided to get on and read their backlog of books.

Maybe the ebook bubble has burst, or maybe it's all just a natural balancing of the market.  I don't really know and to be honest, I don't really care.

When I finish my last book on Kindle I'm going retro and will be reading some paperbacks for a while.  After that I'll back into Amazon and Smashwords, looking for new titles.

One thing is for certain though, I'll be scrolling past the big names and the corporate publishers and will be looking for the diamonds in the rough.
We indies need to stick together and I'll being doing my bit to support as many of them as I can.

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